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What Black History Month means to… Cameron Hines

Cameron Hines has been coaching tennis for sixteen years. The USPTA pro serves as a role model for Southern California youngsters, often helming Junior Team Tennis squads while teaching the ins and outs of the game with Serve It Up Tennis.

“Tennis has always been a big part of my life,” Cameron says. “I started playing when I was seven and immediately fell in love. I learned quickly, trained hard, and within ten years I was already coaching others on how to play the game I love… I’ve always thought if I can bring the happiness that tennis has given me to others than I can make a difference in someone’s life and I only have tennis to thank for that.”

In February, Cameron will join with the rest of the tennis community in celebrating Black History Month. “I will say just watching other black people play tennis (the Williams sisters and James Blake) made me interested in playing in the first place and now it has become my whole life. That wouldn’t have happened without representation and that’s why it is very important to me for everyone to learn about their culture’s history and see themselves represented in places they may have never expected to see themselves.”

While the stretch of 28 days is a reminder to spend time reflecting on one’s cultural background, Cameron is quick to remind that it’s something we should do year ‘round, day by day.

“Black History Month is very important to me because it is American history,” Cameron adds. “It is nice to have people of my race highlighted during (February), however I think Black history should be taught all year round along with regular history, as it is all part of American history.”