Experts Agree – Tennis is Best in the Age of Pandemic

In this ever-changing world of dos and don’ts, a recent study confirms the most ideal sporting activity in these pandemic times is – tennis!

According to a study commissioned by the Michigan media organization MLive, public health physicians specializing in infectious disease have identified and ranked everyday activities that are most and least risky in the midst of COVID-19, and tennis earns the top spot as the most recommended athletic activity.

“Spacing is part of the game, it’s typically outdoors and there’s only two to four people on a court,” the news outlet reports. “While some sports activities cause concern for the health experts, tennis is not one of them.”

The comprehensive list ranges from sports like basketball and golf to dining and leisure activities. Along with tennis, ordering takeout meals from restaurants is also considered at lowest risk for possible contagion.

Outdoor activities, including walking or biking, rank favorably due to the consistent circulation of air and lack of confinement of participants. Basketball is among the sports that rank less favorably, given the close proximity of players on the court. Socializing in local taverns, along with concert and sports venues, received the worst ratings.

But tennis, given that it involves four or less people on court, is an ideal way for athletes to remain active, maintain cardiovascular conditioning, develop footwork, and sharpen hand-eye coordination. Experts recommend general precautions – regular hand sanitizing and avoiding congregation of players, among them – and warn that players who exhibit any signs of illness should abstain.

Like any other activity, tennis players should be mindful of state, county, and local regulations on athletic play. Doubles tennis, for example, remains in question throughout some parts of Los Angeles County and Southern California, but those restrictions are expected to be lifted in short time.

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