Final 8 Junior Masters Championships - USTA Southern California
Final 8 Junior Masters Championships


The culmination of the SoCal competitive junior season, the Final 8 Junior Masters will be presented in 2022 as a collaboration between USTA Southern California and Universal Tennis (UTR).

With eight players competing in boys’ and girls’ 12s, 14s, 16s, and 18s, this round-robin tournament begins with pool play and features the top four players qualifying through a year-long Grand Prix and the top four players based on Verified UTR Rating. Emerging from the Final 8 round-robin, the top two finishers in each age group will meet in the championship final.

NOVEMBER 19-20, 2022

USTA SoCal + Universal Tennis Junior Masters Championships

Omni Rancho Las Palmas
Rancho Mirage, CA

The Final 8 Junior Masters is a showcase of talented young SoCal players who have emerged from the year-long Grand Prix points race and established themselves among the best junior players in the Section and nationwide. Eight boys and girls in four age groups – 12/14/16/18 – compete to determine who rises above the rest as the champion of their given division.

USTA Southern California is teaming with Universal Tennis to present this year’s Final 8 Junior Masters, the culmination of the Signature Series schedule in 2022.

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The eight players in each division will be divided into two brackets and compete in round robin play on day one, meaning each player will play two full matches on Saturday. The third match of the round-robin will be played Sunday morning, meaning that every player will be active on both days of the competition.

The players who emerge from each bracket will meet in the division championship final on Sunday.

See “Schedule of Events” for detailed information on play schedules and other events related to the Final 8 weekend in Palm Desert. 

On Friday afternoon at 4:00pm, an official Final 8 warm-up session will be available for players who have qualified for the tournament. The session will include drills with tennis pros on six courts at the Country Club. 

A Welcome Reception will be held on Friday, November 18 at 5:30pm. Players and their family members are encouraged to attend. The reception will feature light food and drinks as well as a celebration of the top seeds who emerged from the Grand Prix series. Player registration will also be available, with distribution of player gifts, site credentials, and the official announcement of Saturday’s round-robin matchups.

Play begins Saturday morning. Please note that courts will not be available prior to the start of scheduled play. Those wishing to warm-up prior to that time should make arrangements at off-site facilities.

On Sunday, the final matches of round-robin play will conclude in the morning, followed by championship matches beginning after 12pm.

The Universal Tennis mission is to grow the sport of tennis by connecting players globally through level-based play, innovative events and a digital marketplace. UTR Rating, which rates all players on the same 1.00-16.50 point global scale based on daily match results. promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world.

Learn more about Universal Tennis and UTR Rating here.

We have secured a block of rooms at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. We are pleased to announce that USTA So Cal will cover $100 of your room night at the Omni for Saturday night (applies to 1 room only per player). The player will be responsible for $99 plus tax and resort fee. 

The charge will be automatically taken off your final bill.

Attendees may make a reservation via the hotel booking link or the global reservations department at 1-800-THE-OMNI (1800-843-6664) using the group code 111822USTAFINAL.  

The last day to book this rate is November 4th.

Boys’ 18s

2022 – Nicolas Calixto (Cathedral City)
2021 – Caleb Saltz (Canyon Country)
2019 – Max McKennon (Newport Beach)

Girls’ 18s

2022 – Daniela Borruel (Buena Park)
2021 – Grace Gamal (Villa Park)
2019 – Anne Lutkemeyer (Irvine)

Boys’ 16s

2022 – Adrien Abarca (Chula Vista)
2021 – Mario Garcia (Chula Vista)
2019 – Lawee Sherif (Huntington Beach)

Girls’ 16s

2022 – Johannah Galindo (Los Angeles)
2021 – Nicole Weng (South Pasadena)
2019 – Mika Ikemori (Huntington Beach)

Boys’ 14s

2022 – Tyler Lee (Tustin)
2021 – Caden Lee (Tustin)
2019 – Kane Kelley (Tarzana)

Girls’ 14s

2022 – Brooke Kwon (Diamond Bar)
2021 – Kylie Liu (San Diego)
2019 – Daniela Borruel (Buena Park)

Boys’ 12s

2022 – Takuto Goh (Culver City)
2021 – Tyler Lee (Tustin)
2019 – Jagger Leach (Laguna Beach)

Girls’ 12s

2022 – Valerie Machikawa (Cerritos)
2021 – Lani Chang (Mission Viejo)
2019 – Elena Zhao (San Diego)


There are eight qualifying tournaments (Levels 3 and 4) in the Final 8 Grand Prix, scheduled between January and October. Points will be awarded based on level and tournament finish.

The top four points leaders in each age division will be awarded automatic entry into the USTA SoCal + Universal Tennis Final 8 Junior Masters. Additionally, the top four players by Verified UTR Rating who have competed in at least one Grand Prix event (and with at least one Grand Prix point earned) will round out the Final 8 draws.


The top four finishers from each age group receive an automatic bid to the 2022 Final 8 Junior Masters Championships.

Final Standings Posted: October 26

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Brody Nejedly Krall450
2.Lucas Coriaty430
3.Carson Lee400
4.Sean Ferguson390
5.Anirudh Gupta330
6.David Duong330
7.Hudson Rivera300
8.Nathaniel Suh290
9.Rex Harrison258
10.Tobias Luo240

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1. Kaila Barksdale 510
2. Krisha Mahendran 380
3. Daniela Borruel 350
4. Karah Li 330
5. Allison Lian 320
6. Alyssa Ahn 300
7. Johannah Galindo 285
8. Claire Zhang 280
9. Ariana Liu 260
10. Armira Kockinis 230

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Roshan Santhosh480
2.Andrew Li370
3.Robert Freedman365
4.Gregory Gamal360
5.Jeremy Sieben350
6.Nischal Spurling335
7.Brody Nejedly Krall330
8.Calvin Wang300
9.Adrien Abarca270
10.John Cross260

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Nicole Weng800
2.Makeilah Nepomuceno560
3.Carley Chen450
4.Alexandra Wolf390
5.Elena Zhao330
6.Alisa Lansky305
7.Rachel Lee300
8.Johannah Galindo280
9.Ariana Liu270
10.Reagan Levine240

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Roshan Santhosh570
2.Ilias Bouzoubaa530
3.Liam Alvarez520
4.Oskar Rouse475
5.David Wu470
6.Kimi Basamakov460
7.Ryan Wang445
8.Andrew Johnson440
9.Brayden Tallakson420
10.Tyler Lee365

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Brooke Kwon630
2.Sophie Suh500
3.Reagan Levine470
4.Kylie Liu440
5.Kara Garcia390
6.Danielle Nikmehr345
7.Anqi Mei330
8.Aubrey Meis325
9.Lisa Polkanova305
10.Daniela Navarro270

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Stefanos Constantinides580
2.Daniel Gardality520
3.Mayurchandra Bharath480
4.Tifuh Fomukong445
5.Arnon Jittathai420
6.Takuto Goh415
7.Simon Lifton340
8.Asher Yuan320
9.Adrian Sharma290
10.Behleu Fomukong225

Final 8 Grand Prix Standings – Top 10
Updated: October 26

1.Sylvana Jalbert590
2.Emily Maresca470
3.Julia Seversen470
4.Alena Koltsova450
5.Ariana Morris400
6.Ava Penn400
7.Valerie Machikawa380
8.Ania Zabost290
9.Romi D’amore280
10.Fiona Tseng240