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Community Tennis Grant Form Application

Community Tennis Grant Form Application

  • Primary Contact Information

  • This is the primary contact person for your organization.
  • Please indicate a preferred primary phone number.
  • Please enter an email address for your primary contact person. Your confirmation will be forwarded to this address.
  • Organization History and Expertise

  • Program Detail

  • Program Budget

  • Budget Summary

  • This is the $ per hour x number of hours, a grand total of all paid salaries.
  • This is the cost of essential equipment including tennis racquets and tennis balls.
  • This is the total of your EXPENSES listed above.
  • This is the grand total of Fee per participant x number of participants.
  • This is the TOTAL of your INCOME listed above.
  • To calculate cost per person, divide the total program budget by the total number of persons served by the program.