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Junior Rankings & Standings

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Player standings indicate player growth and competitive achievement, and are also used to qualify for local and national tournaments, including Junior Sectionals and the USTA Southern California Final 8 Junior Masters Championships.

The ranking structure for junior tennis is based on the American Development Model, which provides a standardized and uniform system for competition across all 17 USTA Sections. 

To learn more about the changes that were implemented in 2021, please review the documents below related to the Ranking and Competitive Structures. 




Find your ranking & Standing


See where you rank among fellow SoCal players in the weekly National Standings List. Updated every Wednesday.

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The USTA National Standings List places Section players in a nationwide ranking among their peers.

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Universal Tennis Rating is a system used globally by tennis academies, clubs, colleges, high schools, organizations and tournaments.

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Rankings and Tournament Points

Standings vs. Rankings

Standings are calculated from Ranking Points earned during the previous rolling 12-month period. Based on player activity and performance, a player standing fluctuates throughout the year. The National Standings List is calculated and published weekly. Learn More.

Year-End Rankings are based on Ranking Points earned in one division during a January to December calendar year. These rankings are calculated and published only at the end of each calendar year. 

Ratings refers to your Universal Tennis Rating. Visit the UTR website for more information and to find your UTR rating.

Compiling Ranking Points

Players who win at least one match in a tournament will earn points based on their finish (round) in the tournament (Levels 1-5). For Level 6-7 tournaments, players will earn points for UP TO four match wins. Note that byes do not count as wins, but defaults/withdrawals/walkovers will count towards ranking points. All Level 1-7 tournaments count for ranking.

Weight of Tournament Points

Points are based on the level of tournament, with Level 1 events earning the most points.

Online Standings List Updates

The standings list is generally updated every Wednesday. Remember, points are tabulated on a 12-month rolling system.

Matches Relevant to Ranking

Only a players top six singles and doubles results are counted towards their ranking.

Criteria for Receiving a National Ranking

Annually, the USTA nationally ranks players in the Boys’ and Girls’ 18, 16, 14, and 12 divisions. The final rankings for a junior age division shall include all players who: (a) Meet the citizenship/certain alien eligibility requirements; (b) Have been age eligible for play in the division at any time during the calendar year; and (c) Have accumulated at least 200 points in the division.

Submit a Rankings Inquiry

If you believe that your or your child’s ranking points are incorrect, please provide us with the player’s information and a description of the issue. Use this link to submit your inquiry to the National office for review.

Final 8 Grand Prix

The culminating annual event in junior singles competition is the Final 8 Junior Masters Championship, featuring the top ranked players in the section based on finishes in Southern California’s most essential junior tournaments throughout the year. In age divisions 12/14/16/18, eight boys and eight girls play a round robin format to reach the grand finale and earn the coveted trophy. 

The USTA SoCal + Universal Tennis Final 8 Junior Masters returns in November.

In each of ten tournaments in 2022, players have the opportunity to compile valuable Grand Prix points that will determine who qualifies for the Final 8.

Grand Prix event winners will receive 300 points at a Level 3 tournament and 200 points at a Level 4 event, with point totals also awarded to finishers who reach at least the Round of 32. Wild card entries will also be awarded for entry into the Final 8 competition.

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2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Carson Lee400
2.Sean Ferguson390
3.David Duong330
4.Hudson Rivera300
5.Nathaniel Suh260
6.Rex Harrison248
7.Eduardo Gonzalez240
8.Lucas Coriaty230
9.Anirudh Gupta220
10.Masato Perera210
11.Adiran Solorzano200
12.Mario Garcia160
13.Michael Kaplan155
14.Jayce Spurgiasz155
15.Steve Nguyen140
16.James MacDonald140
17.Michael Seversen130
18.Jake Chen130
19.Zhengqing Ji120
20.Sam Landau120

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Kaila Barksdale510
2.Krisha Mahendran380
3.Daniela Borruel350
4.Alyssa Ahn300
5.Claire Zhang280
6.Allison Lian240
7.Kristina Nordikyan230
8.Julianne Nguyen215
9.Bianca Molnar200
10.Rachel Lee180
11.Karah Li170
12.Rebecca Kong170
13.Madison Shepperson170
14.Yen Nhi Huynh160
15.Emily Ing140
16.Makaila Cheng140
17.Mia Jovic125
18.Tianmei Wang120
19.Mika Ikemori120
20.Selina Wu110

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Tobias Luo410
2.Andrew Li370
3.Robert Freedman365
4.Gregory Gamal360
5.Brody Nejedly Krall330
6.Calvin Wang300
7.Adrien Abarca250
8.Jeremy Sieben250
9.James Krantz230
10.Ronith Sreeram220
11.Michael Seversen210
12.Liam Alvarez205
13.Ethan Kim200
14.Rohan Yarlagadda195
15.Mason Bui180
16.Nischal Spurling175
17.Amrith Kodumuri150
18.Caden Lee140
19.Nathan Alapi125
20.Anirudh Gupta120

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Nicole Weng800
2.Makeilah Nepomuceno420
3.Elena Zhao330
4.Carley Chen310
5.Rachel Lee300
6.Alisa Lansky285
7.Johannah Galindo280
8.Ariana Liu270
9.Samantha Wang260
10.Lexie Flores205
11.Thea Frodin200
12.Natalie Lynch190
13.Alexandra Wolf190
14.Ruby Hansen180
15.Chaeyule Kang175
16.Megan Sun145
17.Kenzie Nguyen120
18.Cleo Hutchinson120
19.Morgan Shaffer105
20.Claudia Grove100

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Roshan Santhosh570
2.Ilias Bouzoubaa530
3.Liam Alvarez520
4.David Wu470
5.Kimi Basamakov460
6.Brayden Tallakson420
7.Oskar Rouse335
8.Alex Croitoru310
9.Andrew Johnson300
10.Benjamin Berger285
11.Mateen Ghafarshad280
12.Darren Wei180
13.Tyler Lee165
14.Ryan Wang165
15.Kai Beeler160
16.Kai Abarca145
17.Sebastiano Cressi120
18.Kristian Sharma90
19.Peyton Barrett90
20.Rohan Grewal85

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Sophie Suh500
2.Reagan Levine470
3.Kylie Liu440
4.Brooke Kwon430
5.Danielle Nikmehr345
6.Anqi Mei330
7.Kara Garcia250
8.Kingsley Wolf240
9.Lisa Polkanova225
10.Julieta Pareja210
11.Aubrey Meis205
12.Sydney Barnhart200
13.Michelle Tan200
14.Ava Panah160
15.Sophie Lau140
16.Natalie Kha130
17.Raina Kim130
18.Julianna Galindo120
19.Claire Reifeiss120
20.Anna Shtrikman110

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Stefanos Constantinides580
2.Andy Deng450
3.Mayurchandra Bharath360
4.Simon Lifton340
5.Arnon Jittathai300
6.Adrian Sharma290
7.Asher Yuan280
8.Takuto Goh275
9.Tifuh Fomukong225
10.Christopher Kasparian200
11.Luka Gravely175
12.Kona Parseghian135
13.Behleu Fomukong125
14.Daniel Gardality125
15.Daniel Gamal120
16.Ryan Meis90
17.Levi Jefferson85
18.Ryan Valencia65
19.Aiden Zadeh60
20.Jake Weiss60

2022 Final 8 Qualification Standings
Updated: August 7

1.Julia Seversen470
2.Ariana Morris400
3.Ava Penn400
4.Sylvana Jalbert390
5.Emily Maresca390
6.Valerie Machikawa380
7.Isabela Jube260
8.Yilin Chen210
9.Elena Zamyatina200
10.Romi D’Amore200
11.Surabhi Raghavendra180
12.Savannah Schmitz150
13.Lani Chang120
14.Abigail Haile115
15.Kiana Smith105
16.Fiona Tseng100
17.Alena Koltsova90
18.Myna Medicetty85
19.Camille Allegre80
20.Emery June Martin70

Bryan Bros Doubles Race Rankings

USTA Southern California has partnered with the most successful doubles team of all time – our very own Bob and Mike Bryan – to create the Bryan Bros. Doubles Race and bring awareness and attention to junior doubles play. 

Points are accrued at Level 3 thru 5 (some special format tournaments excluded) Southern California Boys’ and Girls’ doubles events throughout the calendar year, with top point earners crowned winners in each age division at year’s end. 

Remember that this is a Doubles Race! Points are compiled based on the team unit, so the best way to finish ahead of the pack is to find a solid partner and commit to doubles competition throughout the year. Those who play with multiple partners during the calendar year may earn a lot of points, but those points will be divided by each partnership.

Click here for the full Bryan Bros. Grand Prix race standings.