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Junior Team Tennis Section championships

SoCal Junior Team Tennis Fall Section Championships

Welcome to the Fall Junior Team Tennis Section Championships! We look forward to hosting your team(s) December 18-19 in Palm Desert! The emphasis will be on the fun aspect of tennis and team spirit. 

The Junior Team Tennis Section Championships is designed to: (1) provide a team based competitive opportunity for maximizing each player’s physical and emotional development; (2) promote the spirit of competition and camaraderie which will enhance and strengthen a player’s self-esteem; and (3) provide a section competition climate that focuses more on personal and team development and less on competitive outcomes

December 18-19, 2021 in Rancho Mirage

Event Contact:
Gina Havelka, USTA Southern California

Omni Rancho Las Palmas
41000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
(760) 568-2727

Palm Valley Country Club
39205 Palm Valley Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 345-2737

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
74-855 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92260
(760) 341-2211

Mission Hills Country Club
34600 Mission Hills Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
(760) 324-9400

Registration deadline is December 8 – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Team Coaches/Managers are required to complete ALL Registration.

Registration Fee and Deposit
$25 per player + fee and a $250.00 team deposit is required. Credit cards will not be charged for the team deposit unless a team fails to complete all scheduled matches over the 2 days of the Section Championships, or withdraws from this event after December 10. Note that 6 eligible players are required to be available for each match.

TennisLink Online Registration
Each team must register through TennisLink. Area League Coordinators have submitted qualified team names and numbers to the section office. Championship Division numbers are required to register teams. Teams participating via an Invitational Application will be given a Team ID# prior to registering for the Championships. Please contact your Area League Coordinator.

TennisLink Championship Division Registration ID Numbers

10U Green Ball Advanced: 19523
12U 2.4 & Below: 19524
12U 2.9 & Below: 19522
12U 3.4/3.5 Combo: 19521
14U 2.4 & Below: 19525
14U 2.9 & Below: 19520
14U 3.4 & Below: 19519
18U Boys 2.4 & Below: 19518
18U Boys 2.9 & Below: 19526
18U Boys 3.4/3.5 Combo: 19517

TennisLink Registration Instructions
1) Go to, click on TennisLink, and select Junior Team Tennis
2) Bottom right side under Options, select Championship Registration
3) Enter the corresponding registration number for a division
4) Enter the team number (multiple teams can be registered in this process. Be sure to use corresponding division ID numbers)
5) Click Proceed to Checkout
6) Provide the credit card information that is required

Note: Only the $25 per player entry + fee will be charged during the registration process. TennisLink will not put a hold on your account or charge the $250.00 deposit amount.

However, TennisLink will confirm that sufficient funds are available on your credit card if the deposit is forfeited to the USTA Southern California due to team defaults or withdraws (See Defaults & Withdraws below).

This form must be completed by the team coach/manager, and submitted at time of registration. 

Click here to complete the Team Roster Form. 

Consult “Order of Strength” Under Rules & Regulations for guidance if necessary. 

Applies to team management, parents, spectators and players. All Junior Team Tennis participants are required to behave in a manner suited for an on-going positive playing environment. Great sports make a sport great! 

Unacceptable behavior, including arguing, cursing, general poor sportsmanship and derogatory comments between team management, parents, spectators and players or towards the tournament staff will NOT be tolerated. This behavior includes sideline coaching and line calls by parents or spectators and intentional incorrect calls by players, disregard for USTA officials, name calling and racquet abuse. Those engaged in such behavior are subject to suspension from the league and USTA tournaments. 

In the case of a valid sportsmanship grievance against team management, players or parents, a Sportsmanship Grievance Form must be submitted via no later than 24 hours following an incident. The complaint will be reviewed by section management and appropriate action will be taken. If necessary, the grievance will be presented to the USTA SoCal Junior Competition Grievance Committee.

Team Coach/Captain must check in teams 30 minutes prior to match time and present line-ups. All team members must be present at the match site when a line-up is submitted. Teams must be ready to play at this time.

A team will be defaulted 15 minutes after the scheduled match time if all of the players and the Team Coach/Captain are not present.


All team members must be registered in TennisLink and have local play history in the Fall 2021 season to include: Three (3) complete individual matches, which may include one (1) on site default or recorded ALC approved exhibition match. 

  1. Players must not “age up” before September 25, 2021. 
  2. Players may only participate for one (1) team at the Section Championships. 
  3. Six (6) eligible players are required for each match. 
  4. Individual match line defaults will result in full team disqualification. (see Defaults & Withdraws)


Player substitutions are not permitted during the Section Championships. Prior to the start of the tournament, if a team cannot meet the minimum 6 eligible players required, it will forfeit the invitation. Every effort will be made to replace the team with one from the same or possibly different area.

Players must play in the order of strength. The order of strength will be recorded via the Team Order of Strength Form (submitted by team manager during registration).  All players participating must be listed on this form. Team match line-ups can be submitted prior to each match as follows:

  • Any 2 players are permitted to play singles, with the highest player selected playing the number one singles position. The remaining players will make up the doubles teams. The ranking of the doubles teams will be determined by the sum of the players listed from the Order of Strength Form. The lowest total sum of the two players selected will play the number one doubles position. If the two doubles teams sum is equal, the highest individual player from the two doubles teams will play in the number one doubles position.
  • Listing more players than will join the team on the Team Order of Strength Form will result in the team being disqualified from the Section Championships.

In the Section Championships round robin formats, failure by a team to play all scheduled matches is detrimental to the experience of all participants and the success of the tournament.

To ensure a successful experience, players and teams are prohibited from defaulting or withdrawing during the Section Championships (whether during the course of a match or prior to its commencement.)

In the case of illness, injury or personal emergency, the tournament
director should be advised immediately and the tournament committee will make any appropriate rulings. Failure of a team to complete any scheduled match other than a special case as noted above, will result in the forfeiture of the team deposit (See Team Registration above). 

In the event that a team withdraws before the conclusion of the Section Championships 
or becomes ineligible through the course of this competition, any completed results will become null and void. 

The Flight schedules will be posted in TennisLink no later than Monday, December 13, 2021.*

Click here to access the schedule of play.

Click on the specific Flight number, then click on Match Schedule.

*Due to the number of teams and round robin format, some flights will be separated into “Pools” 

If applicable, be sure to check both Pools for your team’s schedule.

Six eligible players are required per match and must play in order of strength. Singles and

Doubles matches will be played concurrently. Formats are subject to change prior to scheduling due to draw sizes.(See Order of Strength above)

10 & Under Divisions

  • Team matches will consist of 2 singles / 2 doubles
  • 6 game pro-set, no-ad scoring. Set tie-break at 5 games all

12/14 & Under Divisions

  • Team matches will consist of 2 singles / 2 doubles.
  • 8 game pro-set, no-ad scoring. Set tie-break at 7 games all.

18 & Under Boys Divisions

  • Team matches will consist of 2 singles / 2 doubles.
  • 2 of 3 sets, no-ad scoring. Set tie-break at 5 games all
  • 10 point match tie-break played in lieu of a 3rd set

Set Tie-Break: First to 7 points by a margin of 2

Match Tie-Break: First to 10 points by a margin of 2

Every Game Counts: Flight champions will be determined by the team with the greatest number of games won in pool and championship match play. If there are 2 Pools of play for 1 flight, the winners of Pool A and Pool B will play off for the section championship flight.

Tie in Pool or Championship Match Play: Decided by the first of the following procedures that apply:
– Head to head match result
– Team that lost the fewest number of games
– Greatest number of matches won
– One match randomly selected will play a 10 point Match Tie-break (usually the last completed match)

When the players complete their match, both players and/or teams shall report the score to the tournament desk.

Both teams’ coaches/managers are responsible for verifying the scores and signing the match sheet immediately after the completion of the team match.

One designated coach (for the entire team and entire match) is permitted. 

Coaching is permitted on court, or preferably through the fence, and on changeovers only and must leave the court before play resumes.

Safe Play clearance is required for all JTT Team Coaches/ Managers listed on the Team Roster form and any players over 18 yrs. To become Safe Play approved, or renew your certification, click here.

Awards are given to the champions and finalists in each division.  The awards presentation will take place at the tournament desk after results have been verified.


As a courtesy to participating teams and families, a discounted rate has been negotiated at the hotel noted below. A reservation link is posted on the JTT Championships page at 

Omni Rancho Las Palmas
41000 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Friday December 17 & Saturday December 18
Rates: $185 + tax
Resort Fee/Parking: $15
Complimentary Wireless Internet Access

Limited availability, make reservations ASAP!

Click here for booking

Or call: 1-800-THE-OMNI (1800-843-6664)


Homewood Suites
36999 Cook St
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Friday December 17 & Saturday December 18
Rates: $170 + tax

Complimentary wireless internet access and breakfast

Limited availability, make reservations ASAP!

Click here for booking

Or call: 760-568-1600

Code: UST  (yes just UST)