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Sectionals: Adult Tennis

Tri Level Mixed | 55 & Over Mixed

USTA SoCal Adult Tri Level Mixed | 55 & Over Mixed

January 8-9, 2022

Mixed 55 and Over 7.0
Tri-Mixed (4.0/ 3.5/ 3.0 and 4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5)

Event Contact:
India Hoffman, USTA Southern California
310-208-3582 –

USTA Rules and League Regulations will be enforced during Championships (Regulations)

Great Park Tennis Center, Irvine, CA

8242 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618.
Event parking is in Lot 4. 

Directions to Great Park Tennis Center

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All team members must have current USTA Memberships through the last day of championship play. Players can renew or check expirations at

● There will be random Photo ID checks throughout Sectionals.

● Minimum # of players required for a full team: 6 Players for the 3 – line formats.  If a team is short of available qualified players at a level to be able to fill their roster, they may apply for a Player Waiver (max of 2 per team). Players must have a 2021 or 2022 C rating for that level. This is a 2021 event so players may compete using their 2021 rating level. Please submit to: Deadline: 12/27.

● Minimum number of matches required to advance past local league: 2 played matches one of which can be a default. 

  • If the championship or part of the championship is canceled due to unplayable conditions, the championship will not be rescheduled. If partially played, the Championship Director and/or Championship Committee will determine the champion and finalist by using one or a combination of the following based on completed matches at the championship: Team(s) with the best record and/or highest percentage of wins.
  • A match will consist of 3 doubles lines
  • Mixed 55 and Over will have 7.0 and 8.0 combined rating levels. Tri-Level Mixed will have 4.0/ 3.5/ 3.0 and 4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5 levels. A minimum of one player ‘at level’ must compete on each line.
  • All matches played will be the best of three sets, with regular scoring and a set tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) at 6-all in each set. In the event of split sets, a deciding match tiebreak (first to 10 by 2) shall be played in lieu of a third set.
  • The Coman Tiebreak Rotation (change ends after the first point and every 4 points thereafter) will be used for all Set and Match Tiebreaks. Two-minute rest between the 1st and 2nd set and between the 2nd set and a Match Tiebreak.

The winner of each division will be determined by team matches won. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the first of the following procedures:

Individual Matches: Winner of the most individual matches

Head-to-Head: Winner of head-to-head match

Sets: Loser of the fewest number of sets

Games: Loser of the fewest number of games

Or, a method to be determined by the championship committee.

  • If there is more than one flight, Flight winners will advance to single elimination bracket play to determine a champion

● The Section League Coordinator or the Championship Committee shall have the right to modify the format and scoring or use alternate sites and court surfaces in order to complete play on schedule in the event that there are more or fewer teams than anticipated, defaults, unplayable conditions, or any other reason, which would necessitate a change in the announced format.

● Singles Stick will not be used.
● Score tenders will be used if available onsite.
● Coaching is not permitted. (No cell phones or electronic devices allowed on the court)

● Warm up courts will not be available.

● Warm up and Default – There will be a five-minute warm-up period, including practice serves. The USTA Point Penalty System may be used when players are late, and courts are available:

5:00 minutes or less – Loss of Toss + 1 game
5:01 to 10 min. – Loss of Toss + 2 games
10:01 to 15 min. – Loss of Toss + 3 games
Over 15 min. – Default

Rest in between matches is dependent on when a player finishes their match and when their next match is scheduled. Other individual matches can start prior to the resting players adjusted start time.  When playing singles or doubles to doubles players are given a minimum rest time of 30 minutes. When playing singles to singles players are given a minimum rest time of one hour.

    • Roving umpires are officials who exercise jurisdiction over more than one court. Their duties are similar to those of a chair umpire and include but are not limited to the following:
      • Ensuring that assigned courts are ready for play
      • Enforcing the warm-up time and Point Penalty System
      • Resolving scoring disputes
      • Ensuring that assigned courts are ready for play
      • Overruling line calls and calling foot faults when they are in direct observation of the courts
      • Controlling spectators

    Roving umpires may be positioned inside the fenced areas and will interfere with play as little as possible.  Players should be encouraged to play tennis without the need for umpires.  In the case of disputed calls and upon the request of the player, a roving umpire, if available, may oversee the match.

There is no host hotel for this event. Lodging options are plentiful in the Irvine area. 


Call 911 or the nearest hospital or urgent care.