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“Enjoy playing the sport because at the end of the day, it’s just a game. Don’t worry too much about the wins and losses. Enjoy each match and just go and play!”

Socal Adult

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“Enjoy playing the sport because at the end of the day, it’s just a game. Don’t worry too much about the wins and losses. Enjoy each match and just go and play!”

Adult Tennis in Southern California

Adult Tennis is the ideal way to get outdoors, stay healthy and fit, and expand your social circle. Players of all ages experience the benefits of tennis every time they step on a court to sharpen their competitive edge or to enjoy a healthy activity with friends.

In September 2018, the New York Times reported that people who “played tennis” and other social sports lived longer than both sedentary people and those who took part in solitary activities like jogging, swimming and cycling. Said otherwise, the social aspects of playing tennis are as healthy for you as the fitness aspects.

USTA SoCal provides a plethora of adult tennis programming, including year-round Adult Leagues, and Adult Tournaments that segment players by age or rating. For the recreational player, USTA SoCal offers life-style centered FLEX tournaments, single-day Fast4s, Cardio Tennis and Sip ‘N Serve.


USTA SoCal leagues are team-oriented programs organized with the help of a national rating system (USTA NTRP) providing for level-based play. Teams are organized by skill level and age group, so you’ll always be challenged by your peers while enjoying the camaraderie of being a part of a team! One of the significant benefits of playing USTA League tennis is the ability of your team to advance beyond Southern California and represent #TeamSoCal at Sectional and National competitions!


USTA Tournaments provide a competitive showcase for dedicated players in every division and at every age level, in singles, doubles, and team formats. As a member of #TeamSoCal, excel even further to play at National and International events. For competitive tennis in a lower pressure and less time-consuming environment, enjoy Fast4, FLEX, and other innovative tournament formats.

Social & Recreational

Tennis can be a highly competitive sport, but there’s more to the game than wins and losses. Tennis can play an essential role in promoting personal health, professional networking, and everyday fun. USTA social and recreational tennis programs are ideal for the less competitive player. Sip ‘N Serve and Cardio Tennis are focused on tennis as a healthy and social activity. USTA Southern California works with tennis providers throughout the year to host these and other types of appealing social tennis activities.

Wheelchair & Adaptive

Tennis is a game for all ages and skill levels – and that includes the athletes who participate in wheelchair tennis and adaptive sports. In Southern California, Wheelchair Tennis programs are plentiful and reflective of the great talent that emerges from our Section. Adaptive Tennis programs are also available in Southern California so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sport!