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Southern California prides itself on grooming players who display outstanding sportsmanship as they compete in our section and across the United States as representatives of #TeamSoCal. Good sportsmanship is as simple as following the rules and showing respect for the game and the opponent. 

We remind PARENTS to set the example for junior players by creating a positive and encouraging environment. We ask COACHES to stress the importance of sportsmanship as highly as the development of strokes and strategy. And we empower PLAYERS to accept victory and defeat with equal grace and dignity, while treating opponents with fairness and courtesy.

Recognition of Sportsmanship

Barnes Tennis Center

4490 W Point Loma Blvd

San Diego, CA 92107

Directions to Barnes Tennis Center

Individual registration is required for this event.  Register for Sectionals here
Match Tennis Team is a free app and available for your mobile device. Captains MUST download the app; players can choose to download the app to follow results, schedule of play, and more.
MatchApp will be used for: captain line-up submission, match score entry and confirmation, player court assignments, and captain and player communication.
Playing AND non playing captains can register for free. Select “Captain” as your role when you are registering. Only one free captain registration per team.
Players can register for $22 until May 15. Registration will rise to $27 on May 16 and remain open until the end of the tournament.
MatchApp will be used for:
Captain Lineup submission 
Player Score Entry
Player Court Assignments
Player and Captain Communication
Match Score Confirmation

Match Tiebreak (10 Points, Win by 2) When the score in an individual match is one set all, a Match Tiebreak shall be played in lieu of a 3rd set. This tiebreak game replaces the deciding final set. The player/team who first wins ten points (win by two) shall win this match tiebreak  and the match. If the score goes to 9 -9 and beyond, players continue to play until there is a winning margin of 2 points (i.e. 11-9, 12-10, 15-13, etc.) Two-minute rest between the 1st and 2nd set and between the 2nd and 3rd set Match Tiebreak. Coman Tiebreak procedures apply to all tiebreak sets including the Match Tiebreaker. First team serves one time, followed by two serves for each team thereafter. Change sides after the first serve and then after every four points thereafter. (Note: Easy way to remember in doubles is that each player will serve from the same side.)

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Lunch will be available on Saturday for all registered players

Player gifts will be given to all registered players at check in.

All registered players on the champion team will receive awards. All registered players on the finalist team will receive awards for divisions of 4 of more teams.

There will be roving Certified Tournament Referees onsite at all times. Players are encouraged to play tennis without the need for umpires to be present for matches. In the case of disputed calls and upon the request of the player, a Tournament Referee may be requested to assist players as needed.

We are proud to recognize some of the many players who are acknowledged for their impeccable sportsmanship at tournaments across Southern California. 

Tournament Directors and Staff are encouraged to capture images of players who receive sportsmanship honors. To submit a player photo, please attach and email to

In addition, USTA Southern California’s Junior Competition Committee (JCC) and the Sportsmanship and Grievance Committee (SGC) bestow annual sportsmanship honors on players who embody the ideals of fair play and strong character. 

The JCC and SGC select one boy and one girl per age division for their sportsmanship recognition awards. Players and officials are encouraged to notify the USTA SoCal office of individuals who should be considered for these awards.

Nominate a Player

What Is Good Sportsmanship?

As a tennis player, it is important that in addition to just knowing and following the rules of the game, you also show good sportsmanship on the court. Sportsmanship includes respecting your opponents, playing fair and doing your part so that everyone is having fun!

The USTA provides resources in order to ensure positive play experiences and good sportsmanship. Learn more on the Rules of Tennis, Friend at Court and The Code by visiting

Grants and Scholarships

An important criteria for SCTA Foundation scholarship grants is exemplary sportsmanship. For information about Grants and Scholarships for juniors, please visit the SCTA Foundation homepage

Evelyn Houseman Junior Sportsmanship Award

The Evelyn Houseman Lifetime Junior Sportsmanship Award is presented annually to one boy and one girl who have exemplified good sportsmanship throughout their junior tennis careers. This prestigious award includes a lifetime USTA membership for each player and both players are honored at an awards banquet during the year.

Recipients for the year 2020 were Winta Woldeab of La Mesa, and Noah Zamora of San Diego. USTA Southern California congratulates both players for their performance both on and off the court.


1999 Ryan Haymond | Abigail Spears
2000 Brian Wilson | Jieun Jacobs
2001 Chris Surapol | Lori Stern
2002 Jesse Ferlianto | Judith DeVera
2003 Brandon Wai | Cindy Chu
2004 Martel Campbell | Jessica Nguyen
2005 Sam Querrey | Kelly Stewart
2006 Nicolas Meister | Cosmina Ciobanu
2007 Ryan Thacher | Stephanie Hammel
2008 JT Sundling | Thien-Trang Nguyen
2009 Walker Kehrer | Kaitlyn Christian
2010 Daniel Kosakowski | Lorraine Guillermo
2011 Marcos Giron | Sarah Lee
2012 Jonathan Hammel | Maegan Manasse
2013 Garrett Auproux | Monica Robinson
2014 Brandon Yeoh | Gabrielle Andrews
2015 Brandon Holt | Ena Shibahara
2016 Bryce Pereira | Devon Jack
2017 Timothy Sah | Jennifer Kerr
2018 Eric Hahn | Julia Deming
2019 Siem Woldeab | Eryn Cayetano

Suspension Points & Grievance

Players who bend the rules, display bad manners, throw equipment, or use foul language may be subject to suspension point(s). Any player who receives 10 suspension points within a 12-month period shall be suspended from competing in sanctioned tournaments for three months (first suspension).

Players are not permitted to enter two tournaments with overlapping sanction dates. Players who do enter overlapping tournaments will be disqualified from both tournaments, lose ranking points from both tournaments, and will receive (5) suspension points.

For complaints or grievances about player or parent behavior that occurs during a USTA SoCal sanctioned tournament, please click the link below to access a Grievance Form.  Complete the form and submit it to the Sportsmanship and Grievance Committee. Grievances may include violations of SoCal regulations, standards of conduct, fair play, or good sportsmanship.  Anonymous grievances will not be accepted.

Please note that grievances related to USTA National-sanctioned events – even if played in Southern California – should be directed to the national Sportsmanship & Grievance office.

Grievance Form

Tournament Directors (password required)