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Players, Parents And Coaches

Southern California prides itself on grooming players who display outstanding sportsmanship as they compete in our section and across the United States as representatives of #TeamSoCal. Good sportsmanship is as simple as following the rules and showing respect for the game and the opponent. 

We remind PARENTS to set the example for junior players by creating a positive and encouraging environment. We ask COACHES to stress the importance of sportsmanship as highly as the development of strokes and strategy. And we empower PLAYERS to accept victory and defeat with equal grace and dignity, while treating opponents with fairness and courtesy.

Recognition of Sportsmanship

The USTA Southern California Junior Competition Committee (JCC) and the USTA Southern California Sportsmanship and Grievance Committee (SGC) bestow sportsmanship honors on players who embody the ideals of fair play and strong character. The JCC and SGC select one boy and one girl per age division for their annual sportsmanship recognition awards. Players and officials are encouraged to notify the USTA SoCal office of individuals who should be considered for these awards.

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Evelyn Houseman Award

The Evelyn Houseman Lifetime Junior Sportsmanship Award is presented annually to one boy and one girl who have exemplified good sportsmanship throughout their junior tennis careers. This prestigious award includes a lifetime USTA membership for each player and both players are honored at an awards banquet during the year.

The recipients in 2020 were Winta Woldeab of La Mesa, and Noah Zamora of San Diego. USTA Southern California congratulates both players for their performance both on and off the court.


2019 Siem Woldeab | Eryn Cayetano
2018 Eric Hahn | Julia Deming

Grants and Scholarships

An important criteria for SCTA Foundation scholarship grants is exemplary sportsmanship. For information about Grants and Scholarships for juniors, please visit the SCTA Foundation homepage

Suspension Points & Grievance

Players who bend the rules, display bad manners, throw equipment, or use foul language may be subject to suspension point(s). Any player who receives 10 suspension points within a 12-month period shall be suspended from competing in sanctioned tournaments for three months (first suspension).

Players are not permitted to enter two tournaments with overlapping sanction dates. Players who do enter overlapping tournaments will be disqualified from both tournaments, lose ranking points from both tournaments, and will receive (5) suspension points.

For complaints or grievances about player or parent behavior that occurs during a USTA SoCal sanctioned tournament, please click the link below to access a Grievance Form.  Complete the form and submit it to the Sportsmanship and Grievance Committee. Grievances may include violations of SoCal regulations, standards of conduct, fair play, or good sportsmanship.  Anonymous grievances will not be accepted.

Please note that grievances related to USTA National-sanctioned events – even if played in Southern California – should be directed to the national Sportsmanship & Grievance office.

Grievance Form