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USTA Tournaments provide a showcase for players in every division and at every age level in singles, doubles, and team formats. USTA Southern California sanctions approximately 200 adult tournaments each year that include both traditional and innovative formats.

Tournaments are perfect for the spirited tennis player, and provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for adults of all ages. Come out and play!

Adult Tournament Changes

Starting in 2021, all 17 USTA sections are moving into a standardized adult tournament structure and points per round (PPR) ranking system. The new 7-level structure will make for greater consistency between events even if they run in different parts of the country. Each level will carry different guidelines that dictate an event’s duration, draw types, and match scoring. The different levels will also carry different point assignments.

Tournament Formats

USTA Southern California offers a variety of tournaments for adult players, including age-based and level-based play, and new format tournaments designed to fit your busy schedule and active lifestyle.

All players are eligible to enter “Open” tournaments, such as Open Sectionals. These events do not restrict participants based on age or rating level. However, the entry lists for these events typically include some of SoCal’s best players and feature a very high level of competition. Many Open events also award prize money to top finishers.

To compete in USTA sanctioned events, a player must have a current USTA membership.

In Adult age-division tournaments, players compete in specific age brackets (35s, 40s, 45s, 50s… all the way up to the 90s). To be eligible, a player must meet the minimum age requirement in that calendar year. The USTA hosts a network of national championship events for age-division players, giving them the chance to win a prestigious Gold Ball! These championships are held on hard, clay, grass, and indoor courts throughout the year.

Some of the most anticipated USTA tournaments in Southern California are family competitions, which feature husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, parents and siblings teaming up for doubles play. Even grandparent/grandchild events are on our calendar. All of these events are a great way to spend time with your loved ones and compete as a family not just locally, but also at the national level.

USTA NTRP tournaments feature level-based play against opponents at or around the same rating level (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc.).

New in 2021, singles and doubles NTRP divisions will also be divided by age group (18 & Over, 40 & Over, and 55 & Over), providing even more opportunity for competitive match play across Southern California.

For those looking for NTRP play at the National level, USTA SoCal hosts a National Qualifier, one of several ways to advance to the NTRP National Championships.

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USTA Southern California continues to create innovative formats that complement the demands of a modern lifestyle. You can balance work and play with new tournaments like Fast4 and FLEX, designed for the active and busy player. 

Fast4 events shorten games, sets, and matches in round-robin competition to allow for accelerated tournaments. A Fast4 event has four simple rules: (a) Sets are won at 4 games, (b) a tiebreak is played at 3-3, (c) tiebreaks feature a decisive point at 4-4, and (d) deuce games are decided by a single, sudden death point.

FLEX tournaments allow players to schedule and complete matches on their own time, and on a court of their choice. When draws are announced, players contact each other and find time to complete their match within seven days. The schedule continues weekly until the final round, when a champion is crowned.

Adult Tournament Calendar

The tournament search engine is the fastest way to find a tournament near you.

To access the complete 2021 tournament calendar, click here.

iTennis Arcadia Public Parks Adult Open/NTRP Tournament L6

Arcadia Tennis Center

NTP Thanksgiving Tennis Tournament NTRP L6

Cal State Northridge

NTRP Nationals

USTA NTRP National Championships
The USTA NTRP National Championships are Level 1 adult tournaments that host level-based competition across six NTRP levels & three age divisions. The tournaments use the Fast4 match format and players are guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches during the event.

The divisions offered at Nationals are:

Men’s & Women’s 18 and Over

2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 singles, doubles, and mixed doubles

Men’s & Women’s 40 and Over

2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 singles, doubles, and mixed doubles

Men’s & Women’s 55 and Over
3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 singles and doubles (2.5 & mixed doubles pending interest)

SoCal Endorsement Process

To qualify for the NTRP National Championships, you must first be “endorsed” by your section and meet the NTRP eligibility requirements set by the USTA. Southern California has 3 bids per age group & NTRP division (ex: three bids for 3.0 singles at each 18+, 40+, 55+ National Championship). Two bids are given based off of the year end ranking lists, and one bid will be given to the division winners at the SoCal NTRP National Qualifier held in January each year.

Should a qualified player choose not to participate in the National Championships, their bid will be offered to the next qualified player in line. If a player earns a bid from the ranking list and from the SoCal Qualifier in the same division, their bid from the ranking list will go to the next qualified player in line from the rankings. If a player qualifies for nationals in multiple NTRP levels or age divisions (ex: qualifies in 4.0 and 4.5, or qualifies for the 18+ event and the 40+ event), they must choose in which tournament they would like to participate.

If the SoCal bid quota cannot be filled based on the process outlined above, the section has the authority to fill those spots with players who do not meet the ranking requirements. However, any NTRP eligibility requirements will still apply.

SoCal National Qualifier

The SoCal NTRP National Qualifier, held in January each year, uses the Fast4 format. The tournament will offer 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 NTRP levels for men, women, and mixed doubles teams. NTRP levels may also be broken down by age divisions to mirror the National Championships pending interest.

Event dates & location are TBD.