Bryan Bros. Doubles Race - USTA Southern California



In many ways, doubles competition is an invaluable experience for young tennis players. It teaches teamwork, net skills, fast footwork, and even faster reflexes. USTA Southern California is proud to boast Bob & Mike Bryan – 16-time Grand Slam champions and widely considered the greatest doubles team of all-time – as heralded members of #TeamSoCal. We’re proud to partner with these two great champions to create the Bryan Bros. Doubles Race, bringing awareness and attention to junior doubles play.

The Doubles Race calculates points based on activity and finishes in doubles events throughout the calendar year. Points are accrued at Level 3 through 5 Southern California boys’ and girls’ doubles events*, with top point earners crowned winners in each age division at year’s end.

Even better, the winning pairs are rewarded with a chance to meet the Bryan Bros. at a special award ceremony held at the BNP Paribas Open in March**.

* – Some special format tournaments excluded.
** – Pending availability and subject to change.


Remember that this is a Doubles Race! Points are compiled based on the team unit, so the best way to finish ahead of the pack is to find a solid partner and commit to doubles competition throughout the whole year.

Those who play with multiple partners during the calendar year may earn a lot of points, but those points will be divided by each partnership.

Standings Updated: September 18, 2022

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1.Emily Deming/Tianmei Wang300
2.Julianne Nguyen/Selina Wu300
3.Quin Brady/Isabella Bringas260
4.Maya Urata/Mika Ikemori210
5.Claire Zhang/Kristina Nordikyan200
6.Maegan Deng/Mia Jovic200
7.Makeilah Nepomuceno/Johannah Galindo200
8.Allison Lian/Selina Wu180
9.Willow Gretsch/Sofia Dermenjyan170
10.Isabella Bringas/Daniela Borruel140

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1.Nicole Weng/Carley Chen810
2.Makeilah Nepomuceno/Chloe Cadelina340
3.Ruby Hansen/Thea Frodin300
4.Caroline Chu/Maily Huynh260
5.Sophia Bakhtiari/Ani Vanetsyan250
6.Ava Lawson/Charliz Tabili250
7.Hannah Lov-Truong/Cambria Nguyen220
8.Alisa Lansky/Stella Simpson-Morgan210
9.Layla Reyes/Margaret Hui200
10.Sophie Suh/Kylie Liu180

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1.Michelle Tan/Emily Gao380
2.Raina Kim/Anqi Mei300
3.Natalie Kha/Ellie Lin290
4.Jolie Vo/Valeria Machikawa260
5.Tia Messerli/Cassie Blakey260
6.Raina Kim/Kara Garcia240
7.Taniya Sunkara/Aashi Patel210
8.Reagan Levine/Sydney Barnhart210
9.Avery Yang/Jessica Oh210
10.Mingyue Deng/Anika Guniganti200

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1.Gwyneth Britton/Madeline Cleary980
2.Valerie Machikawa/Surabhi Raghavendra400
3.Sophia Lee/Romi D’Amore280
4.Myna Medicetty/Elin Baker280
5.Emily Maresca/Cassidee Calvero220
6.Ariana Morris/Addison Lee200
7.Mia Sandblom/Christina Li200
8.Gwyneth Britton/Sophia Lee200
9.Trudy Shen/Avery Johnson190
10.Megan Yang/Mia Sandblom160

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1. Yubin Joe/Lance Morgan 900
2. David Adamson/Trevor Svajda 300
3. Nelson Alapi/William Lokier 220
4. Lucas Coriaty/Carson Lee 200
5. Adiran Solorzano/Rylan Hastings 200
6. Matthew Garrido/Marlon Abarca Jr. 200
7. Nathan Tam/Grant Gallagher 200
8. Rex Harrison/Robert Freedman 200
9. Anirudh Gupta/Sean Ferguson 160
10. Rex Harrison/Tai MacDonald 140

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1. David James Brownlee/Jeremy Sieben 830
2. Colin Bringas/Edward Feuer 400
3. Braun Levi/Neel Joshi 320
4. Ilias Bouzoubaa/Brayden Tallakson 300
5. Vincent Cheng/Julian Rousseau-Tuan 240
6. Drew Abramowitz/Wesley Huang 240
7. Michael Chang/Joshua Sorongon 200
8. Jackson Codd/Kyle Villeponteau 200
9. Brayden Tallakson/Tyler Lee 200
10. Caden Lee/Ronith Sreeram 200

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1. Andrew Johnson/Tyler Lee 700
2. Kai Abarca/Peyton Barrett 500
3. Ryan Wang/Oskar Rouse 300
4. Alex Cho/Brandon Hsiung 240
5. Christopher Hong/Hans Sempre 240
6. Andy Yu/Andrew Vong 220
7. Justin Yuan/Dylan De Vera 210
8. Peyton Barrett/Liam Alvarez 200
9. Ziqi Li/William Zhang 190
10. Jack Lukic/David Tran 180

2022 Bryan Bros. Grand Prix Standings
Updated: September 18

1. Andy Deng/Arnon Jittathai 1050
2. Mayurchandra Bharath/Ryan Meis 660
3. Milo Marr/Hudson Marr 470
4. Emry Lin/Ean Lin 270
5. Jake Weiss/Miller Levin 210
6. Kaiden Somaratne/Asher Yuan 200
7. Andrey Savkin/Ryan Valencia 180
8. Taiki Bortolin/James Borchard 180
9. Behleu Fromukong/Tifuh Fomukong 180
10. Mason Tran/Kensho Ford 160