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Carpinteria school tennis courts receive Manitou Fund grant for much needed upgrade

(January 20, 2021) – The Carpinteria Unified School District board of trustees unanimously accepted a $1.3 million grant for the replacement of the Summerland Elementary School tennis courts at its Jan. 12 meeting. The grant comes from the Manitou Fund, a private grant making foundation. 

Summerland resident Nora McNeely Hurley, who is the trustee and chief programming director of the Manitou Fund, said: “I am excited about the broad and long-term positive impact renovated playing courts will bring to the deserving children of Summerland Elementary School and the community of Summerland as a whole. The new courts will serve in beneficial ways students and tennis enthusiasts of every age for years to come, be a source of pride and interest for the school and a shining focal point on a reenergized Lillie Avenue, Summerland’s main street and business district. We are delighted to partner on the project with Carpinteria Unified School District, Summerland Elementary School and USTA Southern California, which will be providing world class tennis equipment, curricula and faculty training for the benefit of the Summerland School students.”

Rigby and the board praised McNeeley Hurley’s donation. Board member Jayme Bray said the Summerland Tennis Courts were the same ones her father used when he attended that school, and that she “can’t even display how much appreciation I have for this donation. Really, truly, I’m so grateful.” 

Rigby said the district originally didn’t have enough funds to redo the tennis courts during the rebuilding of the Summerland Elementary School. 

“We were so excited to be contacted with someone who is interested in joining us and the area of Summerland… (to) provide funds to redo the tennis courts, which will be a lifelong activity for both schoolchildren and the community,” Rigby said.