SoCal Pro Series: Lakewood #2 - USTA Southern California

SoCal Pro Series
SoCal Pro Series


JULY 8-14, 2024


$15,000 Prize Money



The SoCal Pro Series schedule wraps-up with a second week of competition in the South Bay at Lakewood Tennis Center. The tournament director is Eric Stephens.

Lakewood Tennis Center not only hosts two SoCal Pro Series events, it also hosts 30+ junior and adult tournaments each year from Level 7s up to Level 2s. It prides itself as being a spectator friendly club with generous seating for viewing. With newly resurfaced courts, new shade structures, and a public ice machine, it is a great place to come and watch all levels of great tennis.




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Race to Indian Wells

At this year’s SoCal Pro Series, there’s something extra at stake for Southern California players. All eyes are on one prize: the top men’s and women’s players accumulating the most qualifying points throughout our events in summer 2023 and early 2024 will be granted a wild card into qualifying at the BNP Paribas Open.

These wild cards are available to U.S. citizens who are either SoCal residents or SoCal college students. Points for the Race to Indian Wells will only be tracked for wild card eligible players in singles competition.

Come out to SoCal Pro Series events to watch your favorite Southern California players compete against top players from around the world, and track their progress below as they vie for the golden ticket.

In partnership with the BNP Paribas Open, USTA Southern California will award a wild card into the qualifying for both the men’s and women’s events at the 2024 BNP Paribas Open based on the following criteria:

– Wild cards are available to U.S. citizens who are either legal SoCal residents (primary residency) or full-time enrolled students in a SoCal college/university. Former SoCal players currently attending college/university outside of SoCal who have maintained their legal residency in SoCal are also eligible.

– One male and one female will win the qualifying wild card into the 2024 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. This will be determined by being the top point-getter from the SoCal Pro Series. 

– Wild card points will be tabulated and posted at each Monday following the previous week’s event.


Wild card points will be awarded as follows for both men’s and women’s SoCal Pro Series singles events only:

1 Point for reaching the Round of 32
2 Points for reaching the Round of 16
4 Points for reaching the Quarterfinals
8 Points for reaching the Semifinals
16 Points for reaching the Finals
32 Points for winning one of the SoCal Pro Series summer 2023 events 

Please note: The wild cards are subject to further possible addition of tournaments on the 2024 calendar and will be added to the calculations of the race if they are presented.

Points will only be tracked for players eligible to receive a wild card.


1. Stefan Dostanic 47
2. Learner Tien 41
T3. Jacob Brumm 37
T3. Omni Kumar 37
5. Keegan Smith 25
T6. Ryan Seggerman 14
T6. Warren Wood 14
8. Isaiah Strode 11
9. Gage Brymer 10
10. Alafia Ayeni 8
1.Haley Giavara63
2.Megan McCray38
3.Hanna Chang33
4.Katherine Hui20
5.Eryn Cayetano19
6.Kimmi Hance18
7.Taylor Johnson16
8.Nikki Redelijk14
9.Brandy Walker13
10.Savannah Broadus12


Lakewood Tennis Center

FACILITY: Lakewood Tennis Center

LOCATION: 4212 Clubhouse Dr., Lakewood.


LAST YEAR DURING PRO SERIES: You could say it all started at the Lakewood Tennis Center for the doubles duo of Ryan Seggerman and Patrik Thrac. Playing for the first time after successful college careers, the San Diego pairing won both SoCal Pro Series doubles titles in July at Lakewood. They then proceeded to win the next eight tournaments going on an astonishing run of winning 10 titles over 12 tournaments and posting a 41-2 record to end the year.

LEADERSHIP: Eric Stephens is the Owner/Operator. Teaching out of the center are: X-Spin Academy’s Tem Sykahua; RDD Academy’s Nico Riego De Dios; Silva Academy’s Victor Silva; Kirk Wilson and Anthony Sena.



MAY 18-22, 2024



SoCal Pro Series

Players seeking a wild card entry into any 2024 SoCal Pro Series event should review the rules and guidelines for wild card requests.

Click the toggle below to read the submission criteria.

Wild cards will be granted to qualified residents of Southern California (USTA members) or full-time enrolled college/university students of schools in Southern California. US citizenship is required of all wild card candidates regardless of residence or college affiliation.

Clarification of any discrepancy of the interpretation of this rule will be at the sole discretion of the Wild Card Committee. The Wild Card Committee reserves the right to request documentation of proof of any kind.

All applicants MUST have an ITF I-pin number.

The Wild Card Committee is made up of the following:

The Tournament Director (varies per event); Bruce Kleege; Chris Boyer; Trevor Kronemann; Cathy Jacobsen-Guzy; Cynthia Nieman; Lorne Kuhle; and from USTA, Johnny Parkes and Sylvain Guichard. The decisions of the Committee are final.

Notification: All Wild Card recipients will be contacted by email or phone.

Wild Card submissions must be made not less than two weeks prior to tournament start date. Late submissions will not be accepted except under extenuating circumstances.

Once notified of the wild card acceptance, players will have 24 hours to confirm acceptance. If no confirmation is made within 24 hours, the Wild Committee will make a substitute wild card selection.

Players can apply for either main draw, qualifying wild cards, or both.

Players can apply for wild cards to multiple tournaments simultaneously.

Wild card requests can only be made through the wild card submission webpage.


As a tennis player, receiving a wildcard into 2024 SoCal Pro Series events is an incredible privilege that should not be taken lightly. With this benefit comes the opportunity to not only showcase your skills on the court but also give back to the sport that has given you so much.

By helping others come up behind you and working with USTA Southern California to promote and grow tennis, you can be a part of something much bigger than just yourself. Your contributions can inspire and encourage the next generation of tennis players and help to create a positive and supportive community both on and off the court.

While giving back is not a mandate, it is a suggestion and an expectation in many cases. USTA SoCal may ask you to participate in activities such as media interviews, social media posts, photo shoots, junior camps, junior talks, or exhibitions to help promote and grow tennis. These opportunities are not only a chance to showcase your skills but also to give back to the sport and help it continue to thrive.

So let us all embrace the opportunity to give back to our great sport of tennis, to help those coming up behind us, and to work with USTA SoCal to promote and grow tennis. Let us remember that wildcards are an opportunity, and with the privilege comes responsibility. Let us use this to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy in the sport that we all love.

Wild card submission for the 2024 SoCal Pro Series is now open!

Click here to submit a SoCal Pro Series wild card request.



Men’s Singles Champion
Stefan Dostanic (USA)

Men’s Doubles Champions
Ryan Seggerman (USA) / Patrik Trhac (USA)

Women’s Singles Champion
Reese Brantmeier (USA)

Women’s Doubles Champions
Savannah Broadus (USA) / Anita Sahdiieva (Ukraine)


Men’s Singles Champion
Jaimee Floyd Angele (France)

Men’s Doubles Champions
Eduardo Nava (USA) / Nathan Ponwith (USA)

Women’s Singles Champion
Jiangxue “Snow” Han (China)

Women’s Doubles Champions
Makenna Jones (USA) / Brienne Minor (USA)


SoCal Pro Series

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Photos will be uploaded within 1-2 weeks following the conclusion of the event. Please note that if the gallery is locked, it means that the event either hasn’t happened yet OR the photos are not available to download yet. Be sure to follow @‌SoCalProSeries on Instagram or Facebook for updates on the status of photos.

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